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If you truly desire positive change in life, then learning how to live by The Ezekiel Method is the key to making it happen. Imagine going from depression to joy, from anger to love, from loneliness to companionship, or from rags to riches. It can happen for you! This unique method is inspired by the spiritual principles from the biblical prophet Ezekiel. Practical application of this technique is transformative, and can potentially forever change the lives of those who learn and utilize this process. Miracles literally take place in people's lives when they choose to go on this path of personal growth, development and exploration!

Dr. Dan


Dr. Dan Fleishman, author of the book Teachings from a Prophet and founder of The Ezekiel Method, became fascinated with spirituality as a child after he started asking questions no adult could adequately answer. In his quest for answers he found that the prophet Ezekiel spoke to him on a personal and profound level. He applied Ezekiel’s teachings to his life with profound results and began sharing this technique with others. Thus, the Ezekiel Method was born. Now, Dr. Dan Fleishman helps others find a deeper purpose and inner peace. His book Teachings from a Prophet shares this powerful technique with the world.  

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We are a nonprofit organization that is working toward positive change around the globe. We're creating a world-wide community of self-empowered individuals who seek to take their lives to the next level all the while discovering a new sense of inner peace. Our mission is to bring the lost sheep home; to enable you to love all the aspects of yourself and your life. We are here to help you find that deep authentic love in yourself as well as the world around you. Come join us in this global movement!

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*Dr. Dan is not a licensed psychotherapist. All techniques and counseling are of a spiritual nature and are not intended to replace or interfere with someone seeking medical attention or undergoing psychiatric care.